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Swim Tips

·        Though very competitive, the swim league is a “summer league” and most importantly the objective is for the swimmer to have fun as well as learn about speed swimming fundamentals.
·        Vacations are anticipated during the summer, it is important though that the swimmer provides ample notice to the coach when he or she plans to be absent.
·        Swim team is a volunteer event; it takes parent volunteers to run the meets. The swim team is appreciative of all parent volunteers that are available. No experience is necessary.
·        Stroke officials at dual meets are volunteers, not paid officials. Their objective is to ensure that USA swimming rules are adhered to, that all swimmers participating do not swim illegal strokes, starts, or turns, and that the meet is as fair as possible. If a swimmer is disqualified (DQ) it is because the swimmer did not meet the USA swimming rules, see STROKE GUIDE.
·        Plan to be at swim practice on time, unless you are notified it is cancelled. Note, even though it is raining swim practice is still held as long as there is no lightning or thunder.
·        If the swimmer attends practice he or she is expected to attend the dual and league meets. In the same way if the swimmer expects to swim at meets they must show up for practice.
·        Please notify the coaches ahead of the practice or meet if the swimmer will not be there. The coaches need to make plans ahead of time especially for relays at meets.
·        Swimmers need to pay attention to the coaches during practice. There are only a limited number of coaches available and their time is valuable. One swimmer who is disorderly can distract the other swimmers from learning needed instruction.
·        Swimmers need plenty of sleep prior to meets, at least 8 hours.
·        Pay attention to eating properly before and during meets. Do not eat a heavy meal one-hour prior to swimming. Junk food and carbonated beverages should be avoided during meets to allow the swimmers to swim at full potential. 
·        It is strongly recommended that swimmers wear swim caps (especially girls and/or swimmers with long hair) and/or goggles at practice and meets. Swim caps allow swimmers to be faster and create less of a distraction during practice/meets.
·        Take proper care of goggles, cap, and swimsuit according to their manufacturer labels to ensure long life of the swimmers investments.
·        Swimmers, especially in the older groups, are responsible for getting to their events on time. The coaches will not be held responsible for a swimmer missing an event. Younger age groups (6 and under) will be guided to the event start.
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