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Medical Release

In consideration of the benefits flowing to the participant as a result of competitive swimming program, the undersigned hereby waives, releases and forever discharges the Dacula Dolphins Swim Team and its officials, employees, and agents from any and all claims, demands, damages, actions, causes of action or suits of whatsoever kind or nature including, without limitation, property damage or bodily injury suffered by the participant as a result of or in connection with the competitive swimming program, including, without limitation, any travel associated there within. Being fully aware of the risk of bodily injury, the undersigned does further agree that the participant assumes the risk of any danger involved in the competitive swimming program. Being desirous of arranging for medical care and treatment of our minor child during his/her participation in the competitive swimming program, I do hereby authorize the Dacula Dolphins to act in the following matters in behalf, place and stead: To obtain and authorize medical care for said minor child or children listed on registration form at any hospital, emergency medical center, or any other health or medical facility: by any doctor, osteopath, nurse, surgeon or any other practitioner of a healing art: To do any other thing or perform other act, not limited to the foregoing, which undersigned might do in person, in order to provide for the medical care and welfare of the minor child or children listed on registration form; The undersigned further agrees to be responsible for the expenses of any medical care needed by the minor child or children listed, and to hold the Dacula Dolphins Swim Team, its officials, employees and agent authorizing the medical care harmless from any damages suffered by the minor child or the undersigned as a result of the medical treatment authorized. This medical authorization shall remain in effect for the period of one year from the date given below.

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As a parent of a swimmer, we understand that the swim team requires our involvement in the set-up/running and take down of our meets. We commit to work three meets or donate $170 to the team for exemption from volunteering.

Out of County Fee

I acknowledge that if I am not a resident of Gwinnett County, I am required to pay an out of County fee of $50.

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