End of Year Party

    Good morning everyone!

    I wanted to give a huge shoutout to our state swimmers who did AWESOME at the state championships this past weekend!!! We had a handful of finalists who will be recognized at the banquet, which you all know is tomorrow.  It will be at the Dacula Pool at 7 PM, so please bring your lawn chairs. We will have food to begin the event; parents, please feel free to bring a dessert or dish as you wish. Afterwards, we will hand out exciting and well-deserved awards! And if time allows, we will swim fun races (ex: parents vs swimmers, t-shirt relays, etc.) so everyone bring your suits! 

    As a reminder, today is the last day to submit your vote for the t-shirt design. The voting is now doable by phone. The submission with the most votes will be announced tomorrow!

    If you have not done so already, please RSVP on our website asap.

    I look forward to this eventful night with you all!

    Coach Andrew 

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