Swim Club Programs & a HUGE thank you

    Good morning Dolphin parents and swimmers, 

    I cannot begin to express how thankful I am for all of you who contributed to the GoFundMe. I was speechless when I was presented the gift but just know that it means so much to me. I'm truly fortunate to have met such nice families. THANK YOU!!!! 

    Many swimmers are highly motivated from such a great season and I have received questions regarding swim club programs during the school year. I strongly suggest that your child joins a program if he or she is interested in building onto their swimming. It will guarantee confidence, improvement, and preparation for your swimmer for years to come. 

    Listed below are options that I personally suggest. This is based on what I research and what I hear from families I know within the swimming community. 

    In no particular order:

    1. Gwinnett Swim Gwinnett Swim | Swim Lessons for All Ages | Buford
    2. Swim Atlanta - Sugarloaf Location: https://www.swimatlanta.com/sugarloaf
    3. Summit Swimming - Summit Swimming Home
    4. Spartans Aquatic Club - Spartans Aquatic Club Home
    5. Gwinnett Aquatics - Gwinnett Aquatics Home Page
    6. Lanier Aquatics - Lanier Aquatics Swim Team | City of Gainesville, Georgia
    7. West Gwinnett - Swim Team Readiness (See pdf attached) - Coached by Helmut Levy; Dacula Dolphin parent

    Please be aware that for several clubs listed above, they also have swim lesson programs and stroke clinics besides just the swim team. If you want any more insight or have questions about swimming during the school year, please ask me!

    **I do not move to Boston until September. I do give private lessons. If that is of interest to you, feel free to message me!**

    Last thing - I would like to put together an album from our team banquet up on our website to finish off the season. Email me, text me, or post on our social media outlets any photos you'd like so I can upload it!

    Thank you all for a spectacular season. I wish you and the Dacula Dolphins organization the best of luck moving forward!!! 


    Coach Andrew


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